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Pulse Ranger

This is a Head to head hi-tech combat team game for any number of players. With twice the excitement of paintball, it provides a physical and mental challenge to people of all ages.

Pulse Ranger guns fire high powered infrared beams, which are picked up by sophisticated detectors on both the helmet and gun.

The aim of the game is to capture two flags of the opposing team whilst protecting your own flags at your base camp.

Pulse Ranger Pointing

Outdoor Corporate Activity

It is an outdoor activity but could also be in a designated urban setting depending on your requirements.

Two teams are selected and go head to head in battle, whilst adopting military tactics and endurance is vital, teamwork and mental agility is paramount, this game is said to outclass paintball.

Rocket Mission

As an added extra to the combat, the teams can also be fighting to find parts of rockets that they must assemble whilst in combat.

Pulse Ranger Activity

The winning team is the team who completes the capture of at least two opposing teams flags and lets off their rocket first.

Decisions must be made, and quickly!

The first decision to make is to phone Progressive Resources now to discuss availability and further details of this action packed activity.

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