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spy school

Spy School Themed Teambuilding Event

Spy School is a popular theme for an outdoor teambuilding event. This can be held at locations throughout the UK, typically in the grounds of a country hotel.

Your team assembles for a briefing by the Spy Master. The scenario will be explained which may involve the theft or documents or a kidnap. The script is written for you and your company and it may involve named team members, competitors or in jokes. This starts the day off with plenty of laughter.

The group then divides into teams to take part in a variety of activities with a Spy theme.

Spy training and activities

Almost any activity can be themed around spies so this event is ideal if you want to choose a wide variety of challenges. Driving activities, shooting and team command tasks fit well. However, the options really are endless as the theme is so broad. How about Duck Herding or, as we like to call it, training non human agents for field duties?

This is one of our most popular events. Please call for further information.

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